Yellow Taxi Press is an independent press telling stories about figuring out what it means to be an adult in this crazy world. 

Yellow Taxi Press stories are about navigating the complexities of early adulthood. Our titles explore the nuances of those experiences, from evolving relationships to self-discovery and from recognizing your roots to facing the unfamiliar.

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Alyssa Loebig is the co-founder and publisher at Yellow Taxi Press. She is also the marketing associate at Ploughshares and has interned at Da Capo Press, the Harvard Education Publishing Group, and others. She can be contacted at and on Twitter (@alyssa_loebig).


Madeline Greenhalgh is the co-founder and editorial director at Yellow Taxi Press. She also works as a technical editor and has interned at Deseret Book and served as an editor for multiple collegiate publications and freelance projects. She can be contacted at