Welcome to Yellow Taxi Press

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Yellow Taxi Press was dreamed up in a classroom, and we never thought it would exist outside of class.

After being randomly paired up for a class project, we realized that we had both noticed that the shelves of our local bookstores and libraries lacked books about twentysomethings. 

As teenagers, it was easy for us to find books featuring characters we identified with. In the last few decades, young adult fiction has grown in popularity and breadth, introducing teen readers to prospective princess Mia Thermopolis, boy wizard Harry Potter, gang member Ponyboy Curtis, and so many other characters who helped shape the narrative of teen life. 

But after high school, we found it harder and harder to find books about characters  encountering the same stumbling blocks and achievements that we were. We wanted to read about characters experiencing the way familial relationships evolve over time. We wanted books that addressed how young adults can have their sense of self challenged when encountering difficult situations like alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

The mainstream adult fiction we read tended to focus on characters who, frankly, seemed to have a better idea of what it means to be an adult than we did. We simply didn’t relate as well to characters who had ten years of steady employment under their belts when we were still struggling to figure out which career path we wanted to pursue. 

Falling back onto our old young adult favorites was the closest approximation we could find to characters in our same station of life—the heroines and heros of YA literature are usually still discovering who they are and how they want to approach life. But while the familiarity of YA gave us some comfort, we had moved beyond high school crushes and were looking for stories that more closely represented our current life experiences.

A few months after the semester ended, we found ourselves still thinking about Yellow Taxi Press. The need for insightful narratives about the early adult experience hadn’t gone away, and neither had our desire to find and publish it. So over curry and Pad Thai, we decided to turn Yellow Taxi Press into a reality.

Yellow Taxi Press is publisher of fiction, creative nonfiction, and essays that aim to fill the current gap between young adult books and adult fiction books. We’re looking forward to publishing new voices and sharing complex and nuanced stories about becoming an adult in this crazy world.


Madeline Greenhalgh is the co-founder and editorial director at Yellow Taxi Press. She also works as a technical editor and has interned at Deseret Book and served as an editor for multiple collegiate publications and freelance projects. She can be contacted at editors@yellowtaxi.press.