Talking Books: Podcasts for Every Reader


Anyone who loves reading books probably loves talking about books. Whether you’re filling time on a commute or just need a good book recommendation, these literary podcasts will fill your non-reading time with all the book talk you need.

Fully Booked

Hosted by the editors of Kirkus Reviews, Fully Booked is your hub for author interviews, book recommendations, and publishing insights. But the hosts don’t stop at reviewing the best of the best sellers—they’re also honest about which books might not be worth your valuable reading time.

All the Books

With charm, humor, and a lot of cat references, Book Riot’s Liberty Hardy and a rotating cast of fellow Book Rioters fill you in on each week’s new releases. So many intriguing new titles find their way onto bookshelves each week, and All the Books helps you decide which books you might want to give priority. With the hosts recommending everything from literary fiction to memoir to thrillers, readers of all types are sure to find something to their taste.


Overdue is dedicated to all those books that have probably been gathering dust on your TBR shelf for years. Covering books as diverse as Infinite Jest, Eleanor and Park, and The Bell Jar, hosts Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting give you the scoop on all the books you’ve been meaning to read, and they might even convince you to finally give Animal Farm a try. Spoilers abound on Overdue, but, let’s face it, you probably know how these books end anyway.

The Book Review

Whether they’ll admit it or not, every author aspires to see their book atop the New York Times Best Seller List. With The Book Review, you get the latest in literary news and best sellers straight from New York Times editors. Listen to interviews with notable authors and find out what the voices behind NYT book reviews are reading.

3 Book Girls

Listening to 3 Book Girls feels like having a book club with your closest friends—if your friends all had impeccable taste in books and a penchant for snark, that is. Each week, a group of book-loving friends gets together to share what they’ve been reading and talk all things books like only true bibliophiles can. If you take reading—but not yourself—pretty seriously, 3 Book Girls is the podcast for you.


Madeline Greenhalgh is the co-founder and editorial director at Yellow Taxi Press. She also works as a technical editor and has interned at Deseret Book and served as an editor for multiple collegiate publications and freelance projects. She can be contacted at